Compact Pipe® (100-500mm)

Compact Pipe® is a close fit, fully structural polyethylene liner that can restore the pressure carrying capacity of a water, sewer or gas pressure main.

Compact Pipe is factory extruded as a circular polyethylene pressure pipe then folded into a “C” shape, so reducing its cross section. The Compact Pipe is inserted into the deteriorated pipeline and the folding process reversed using steam.

Polyethylene has a “memory effect” meaning that the pipe reverts to its circular shape when heat from the steam is applied. Pressurised air is used during the cooling process to bring the liner in close contact with the inner wall of the host pipe so ensuring a “close fit” liner.

Compact Pipe provides a structurally independent pipe with the quality and durability of a newly installed pipe.

It is available for diameters from 100mm up to 500mm, and depending on diameter and pipeline configuration can be installed along continuous lengths of up to 900m.