CCTV (100 – 3,000mm)

Interflow has the capability to produce digital colour CCTV footage of pipelines from diameters 100mm to 3000mm

Determining the condition of a pipeline network is a relatively difficult task due to the obvious access limitations. However, recent technological advancements now enable pipeline inspections to be performed in a consistent way following techniques and guidelines set out by industry standards. The tool of choice in all cases is CCTV footage that is subsequently interpreted by a skilled operator.

In addition to the main pipelines of the network being inspected using CCTV imagery, lateral connections and lateral pipelines can also be assessed with CCTV. These additional CCTV inspections allow for the whole pipe network to be considered and assist in identifying locations and sources of both infiltration and exfiltration.

Interflow has a large fleet of CCTV crews able to undertake pipeline inspection surveys for sewer and stormwater pipelines. Interflow’s CCTV units are equipped with the latest camera technology and software, and are able to perform pipeline inspections for all diameters down to 100mm.

An added advantage of the Interflow CCTV fleet is that crews are also capable of performing cleaning tasks. This avoids the establishment of two separate teams resulting in a cost effective outcome for any client.