Key Personnel

Key Personnel

Interflow employs over 500 personnel, many of whom have worked for the Company for in excess of 20 years. Some 50 are degree qualified civil, mechanical or environmental engineers.

The specialised nature of Interflow’s work means that the company invests heavily in in-house training and on-the-job learning not offered elsewhere in this field.

The Company’s background has meant that it has retained highly experienced Engineers and Project Managers who have been valuable in developing safe and effective work practices in the highly specialised field of “trenchless” pipeline rehabilitation. Their experience is passed to employees involved on our projects.

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director: Geoff Weaver

Geoff is an Executive Director who commenced in 1976 and in 1990 assumed the role of Managing Director.

Geoff is responsible for leadership of the Group within its domestic and international footprint. He is accountable for the achievement of Interflow’s strategic objectives through the development and successful execution of market & product growth strategies.

With over 40 years of experience in civil construction and pipeline renewal, Geoff is considered an industry leader and pioneer of trenchless technology. In 1990 Geoff was responsible for the successful re-invention of General Constructions into the current Interflow group with the commercialisation of emerging technologies in trenchless renewal of pipelines and underground structures.

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Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Paul Borg

Paul is an Executive Director who commenced with Interflow in 2003 as Director Corporate Services and in 2016 was appointed the role of Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to his responsibility to support the Chief Executive Officer, Paul is also mentoring the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer and Executive Manager People & Culture in their new roles.

Paul brings to the group over 45 years of experience in general management, governance and financial management.

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Chief Financial Officer: Andrew McDonald

Andrew began his career with Interflow in 2014 and in 2016 was appointed the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Andrew is responsible for group finance, information technology & procurement. His role also includes statutory compliance, insurance, risk management, auditing, and records management.

In conjunction with over 26 years of experience in financial management, systems and project management, Andrew is a CPA and has formal qualifications in business, finance and tax law.

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Chief Operating Officer: Michael Weaver

Michael is an Executive Director who joined Interflow in 1996 and appointed Operations Director in 2000. In 2016 Michael was appointed Chief Operating Officer.

Michael is responsible for the delivery operations of Interflow across Australia & New Zealand. He has a focus on the safe delivery of field works and reducing the impacts of our activities in the environment and the communities we work within.

Having more than 20 years of construction and management experience Michael successfully leads the group’s operations management in efficient and cost effective contract delivery.

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Executive Manager - Central Region & Deputy Chief Operating Officer: Daniel Weaver

Daniel commenced with Interflow in 2003 holding progressively senior roles towards his appointment in 2016 as Executive Manager Central Region & Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to acting as Deputy to the Chief Operating Officer, Daniel is directly responsible for Central operating region, CIPP operations and the national engineering services group.

Daniel has over 13 years of project management and technical experience and has formal engineering qualifications.

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Executive Manager - People & Culture: Lisa Claudino

Lisa started with Interflow in 2016 as Executive Manager People & Culture.

The primary responsibility for Lisa is the human resources strategy for the business, including workplace planning, organisational culture and learning and development. She is also responsible for the groups Environment, Health & Safety Quality Management systems.

Lisa comes to Interflow with formal qualifications in HR & Industrial Relations with more than 15 years of experience across construction, manufacturing, financial services, aviation and FMCG industries.

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Executive Manager - Client Services: David Lilley

David is an Executive Director who joined the company in 1984 and has held senior positions within the group including General Manager & Director of Business Development from 2002. In 2016 David was appointed the role of Executive Manager Client Services.

David is responsible for the groups business development, marketing and tendering functions. He is in charge of our client interface that results in positive long term relationships with our industry partners and the marketplace.

With over 35 years of years of industry experience, David has a reputation of delivering successful client outcomes balanced against the experience and capabilities of Interflow. He has demonstrated a commitment to working with clients to develop value based procurement models that reduce risk while maximising programme and delivery outcomes.

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Executive Manager - Corporate Strategy: Graham Reid

Graham began his career with Interflow in 2015 and was appointed Executive Manager Corporate Strategy in 2016.

In his role Graham is responsible for long term strategic planning, economic regulatory affairs, customer insights, marketing programs, community and stakeholder engagement and communication programs.

Graham brings over 25 years of experience in the banking and professional services industry in Australia and overseas, having held a number of senior leadership roles at NAB, ANZ and Deloitte.

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Executive Manager - Product Strategy & Development: Joe Puglisi
Joe Puglisi commenced with Interflow in April 2017 as the Executive Manager - Product Strategy & Development. The primary responsibility for Joe is to consolidate the functions of product support, product development and marketing. Joe has 5 years general management experience, 8 years product management experience and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Masters of Engineering Science, both from the University of NSW and a Masters of Business in Marketing from University of Western Sydney.
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