About Us

About Us

Interflow Pty Limited is the leading provider in Australia and New Zealand of repair, restoration and renewal services for deteriorated underground non-pressure pipelines and pressure mains.

The Company uses patented technology supported by world-leading products and techniques, that eliminate or minimise the need for excavation. Pipeline diameters can range from 100mm to over 3,000mm, and the full range of ancillary services are offered.

Interflow’s expertise is backed by pipeline industry construction experience dating back to 1936. The Company installed many of the original sewers and water supply pipelines for regional towns throughout Australia.

Interflow has always had a culture of innovation. Right from early in its history it was often the first to import and use advanced trenching and pipe handling equipment. Construction of deep pipelines and pipelines in water charged ground was also pioneered and as a result specialist expertise was developed in trench shoring and dewatering.

A logical progression of this culture of innovation in the pipeline contracting industry was the entry in 1991 to the Trenchless Technology industry. Today Interflow has become Australia’s largest pipeline rehabilitation specialist, working in all states of Australia as well as New Zealand. In undertaking this work, Interflow has become a world leader in a fast developing industry.