A COVID-19 Care Package for Our People

Whether you’re now working from home or you know someone who is, making the jump to working remotely can be challenging. This issue not only affects our office staff, but the friends and families of our entire workforce and the nation as a whole. The following article has been put together to help you and your loved ones adjust to this change of setting.


Balancing work life challenges

Working from home with kids – From Australian tech giant Atlassian, here are a few ideas to help parents find balance in their new daily routines.

Working from home with a partner – This ABC news article highlights some of the real-world challenges people are facing currently and provides some tips for working through them.

Health – Physical

There has been an explosion of on-line training options for children and adults alike.  P.E with Joe Wicks keep kids and adults alike engaged in these classes and excited about exercise.

Health – Mental

Alongside our Employee Assistance Program, consider finding a meditation or mindfulness app. We suggest Smiling Mind, an Australian not for profit with tailored programs for children or adults.

Take care of yourselves, be kind, and we will get through this together.

For more information, you can visit the designated COVID-19 Updates section of our website.

Click here to access it. 

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